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Metal Tech Constructions has won the Emerging Company in Pre-Engineered Buildings sectorawarded during EPC world awards 2010. | Metal Tech Constructions has been Certified as ISO 9001:2008 Company. | Metal Tech Constructions has won Indian Achievers Award for Construction & Design at National Level awarded by All India Achievers Foundation. |
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Pre Engineered Buildings
Typical Pre Engineered Buildings Metal Roofing & Pre Engineered Building Systems
Total Building Solutions Under One Roof

These are based on PEB concept specially known for economical design and compactness because they yield to strength and stability with minimal thickness. These are the structures basically produced at the factory with high tensile steel material by collecting complete information of the shed/building (viz; Length, Width, Height etc,). The entire design of column, rafters and other accessories is based on International structural standards and involve high technical welding and quality production. The entire requirement is produced on modular basis in house and shall be assembled at the customer's site with minimum time period and least cumbersome.

Primary Structural Members

Typical Column & Rafter Primary members consist of columns, rafters, beams etc. These are fabricated from high. Strength Gr. 50 HR Plates. Plates are cut to size and shape. Built up sections are made from these plates in Automatic Beam welding Line by submerged Arc Welding.

The most common primary framing systems are shown below. All are shown symmetrical about the ridge line. Framing systems unsymetrical about the ridge line and Multispan Framing Systems with unequal width modules are possible but may require more engineering time and possibly longer deliveries. Practically any frame geometry is possible. Consult a Metal Tech representative for your specific requirements.

Secondary Structural Members
Typical "Z" & "C" Section PURLINS: Secondary Members used in a PEB include purlins,side runners, eave struts, fascia channels ,door posts window posts, rafter stays, column stays, base angles, and other Miscellaneous structural parts.Purlins and grits are cold roll formed light gauge "Z" sections varying in depth from 180 to 300 mm and in thickness from 1.5 to 2.5 mm as per design requirement. The basic structural shape used by Metco, is given below.
Basic Building Parameters
Steel Building Parameter
Primary Framing Systems
Primary framing Systems
Primary Framing systems
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