Turbo Roof Ventilators

Total Building Solutions Under One Roof

Air quality is an inevitable issue in modern industrial, commercial and civil construction. As we know, fresh air plays a major role in maintaining a proper and healthy working environment. Thus making it inevitable for the entrepreneur to provide necessary equipment for the staff in order to maintain a healthy working environment for them and obtain maximize output in return. According to marketing demands, MTC Roof Ventilators are available in four different throat sizes Skyaxis300, Skyaxis500, Skyaxis600 and Skyaxis680 Thus fulfilling the needs and requirements of an industry Moreover, according to customers’ demands, MTC Co., Ltd can provide: ventilators made by two kinds of materials high-quality fluorine carbon polyester coating aluminum alloy and 304/2B stainless steel. MTC Roof ventilators have been widely applied in commercial, industrial and civil buildings. There is no need consuming energy and it accords with the policy of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Natural Wind Exhausting Principle:

Natural wind exhausting of non-power turbine ventilator is decided by following three factors:

  • Motivation of natural horizontal wind power.
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature difference causes air pressure difference which leads to air convection, forming upright wind power.
  • According to the Bernouli Principle of fluid mechanics, indoor and outdoor wind speed difference causes air pressure difference which leads to air convection.

Primary Framing Systems

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Principle of Rain Resistance and Leak Proofing

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  • Unique design of blade flow-guiding makes rain adhering to the blade drip to the bottom of the ventilator smoothly.
  • The rain adhering to the revolving ventilator isolates from the surface of ventilator under the centrifugal force.
  • Wind exhausted from the ventilator effectively prevents rainwater from flowing in the ventilator.

Brief introduction of Bernouli principle:

The sum of static pressure and dynamic pressure is a constant, i.e. the greater the fluid speed is, the smaller the pressure is.