Roofing / Cladding Sheets

We specialize in PPGI and PPGL Sheets which are made of world class raw material complying with the international standards. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, these Sheets have become the most preferred material for various construction purposes, particularly roofing and walling. Coated Steel Sheet is a unique building material that combines the strength of steel with excellent corrosion protection of zinc or zinc/aluminum alloy coatings. It can be punched, pressed, roll – formed and joined into a countless number of structural and decorative building products. Our PPGL Sheets are available in various colors - sky blue, royal blue, azurite blue, terra cotta red, off white and mist green.

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  • Bare Galvalume Sheets
  • Color Coated Galvalume Sheets
  • Color Coated Galvanized Sheets
  • Double Skin Puf Insulated Roof/Cladding (Sandwich) Panels
Details Al Zn / Bare Galvalume Color Coated Galvalume Pre Painted Galvanized
Combination 55% AL 43.4%ZN & 1.6%SI 55% AL 43.4%ZN & 1.6%SI 99.5%ZN
Coating Std AS 1397 - 93 AS 1397 - 93 AS per is 277
Material Bare Galvalume – ASTM A792M BGL & CCGL C.C.Galvanized
Coating Mass AZ 150 gsm 150 gsm / col:30-35u 120 gsm / col:30-35u
Base Metal High Tensile / CR High Tensile / CR High Tensile & Soft Material / CR
Nominal Thickness (TCT) 0.47TCT & 0.50TCT
AS/NZS – 1365-96
0.40TCT, 0.47TCT,
0.50TCT & 0.54TCT
0.30TCT, 0.35TCT,
0.40TCT, 0.47TCT & 0.50TCT
Yield Strength 550 Mpa 550 Mpa 240, 300 & 550 Mpa
Paint ---- Regular Modified Polyester system
Silicon modified Polyester system
Regular Modified Polyester system
Silicon modified Polyester system
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  • Regular crimp
  • North Light Crimp Curve
  • Crimp Curve for Canopies
  • Crimps for Gutter
  • Eave Crimp
  • Ridge with Eave Crimp
  • Crimps for Fascia formation (under middle and top profiles)
  • Long Curved Crimp & Customized Crimping
  • Long service life.